Upholstery Cleaning

Aberdeen Deep Steam offers a wide range of carpet cleaning service to ensure a healthy home for you and your family.

The furniture (or sofa) is inspected and any problem stains or wear is discussed before cleaning begins. Our carpet cleaning prices are also affordable. All prices are verified before any equipment enters your home/business. Temperature and water pres-sure are regulated upon inspection of your upholstery.

Our stainless steel upholstery cleaning tools ensure even and quality cleaning leaving your home looking refreshed. When we are finished, your upholstery will only be slightly damp, but will be fully dry within 6-8 hours regardless of the upholstery material.

With our techniques and modern cleaning solutions, you get nothing but the best service from a trusted and profes-sional upholstery cleaner in Niagara Falls after a thorough steam cleaning session.

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